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June 28, 2010

Bag of the Week:

I don’t quite know what to say about this Prada bag, but I love it, especially the crystals.

June 25, 2010

Friday French Lesson!

Here is a somewhat measly excuse for not being able to whip up a more significant Friday French Lesson post, I was just so busy!  I have been drooling over these beautiful apartments in Paris via Haven in Paris. Hope you enjoy.

Learn French:

apartment- appartement

courtyard- cour


June 23, 2010


Go on over to Lanalou Style where you will see me and my wishlist featured today!!

(Wishlist created by Lana of Lanalou!)

June 21, 2010

Summer is Here!

Summer has finally begun and though mine will be composed of pleasant things I fantasize that it might be something completely different. Vacationing at some quaint cottage by the sea would be ideal. The house would be decorated in serene whites. You could look out the window to see the beach, ocean and horizon; something that never ends. The days would be comprised of strolls by the shore line, picnics in the meadows, bike  cruising, lounging on the beach with fresh lemonade and the newest magazine and parading through the little town of boutiques and cafes. Ahh… doesn’t that sound marvelous? I have the whole pretend vacation planned out in my head. These photos seem to say it best. Have a beyond wonderful summer! Enjoy!

(Photos: Dress,Design,Decor and Cannelle at Vanille)

June 16, 2010


It is raining and stormy here yet the green grass glows, reminding me of my trip to Ireland. Enjoy!


(All Photos Taken By  The Design Dish)


June 5, 2010


Daydreaming about sitting in front of a cafe in Paris such as this one below, sipping tea and munching on a hot and tender croissant while watching the city wake up and come to life.

(Photo: Dress,Design,Decor)

June 4, 2010

Friday French Lesson: Merci

Merci (thank you) is the store to go to in Paris, France. Located in a former fabric factory on the edge of The Marais District this 16,ooo sq. foot “general store” was founded by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. The store’s merchandise is comprised of everything and anything- an assortment of the eclectic and unexpected. From vintage furniture, household linens and used books to flowers and classic clothing. It’s a place where you can pick up tin picnic plates, a YSL classic, an African Violet, and clay-bead chandelier or disposable plates made of sugar pulp. The best part is 100% of Merci’s profits go to children’s charities in Madagascar.

June 3, 2010

J.Crew in Guatemala

I was so excited to see J.Crew’s newest collection as well as a photo shoot which was done in La Antigua,Guatemala. Inspired by sepia tones, the straw hats worn by locals and woven pieces the collection is wonderful. I always love their photography, I wonder who does it… enjoy!

P.S Isn’t the horse adorable?

June 1, 2010

Pretty Portugal

The Summer 2010 New York Times Style Magazine absolutely delighted me with its front cover as well as the fashion/travel photo shoot in Portugal. The old stone white-washed buildings against the piercing blue skies, the cobble stone streets and the bright flowers all work together in perfect harmony. I love the colors of the clothes that they shot the models wearing, pale yellows, peaches, nudes and cornflower blues. The colors blend with the background but still have a lasting impression. Enjoy! Have a happy month of June!