Summer is Here!

Summer has finally begun and though mine will be composed of pleasant things I fantasize that it might be something completely different. Vacationing at some quaint cottage by the sea would be ideal. The house would be decorated in serene whites. You could look out the window to see the beach, ocean and horizon; something that never ends. The days would be comprised of strolls by the shore line, picnics in the meadows, bike  cruising, lounging on the beach with fresh lemonade and the newest magazine and parading through the little town of boutiques and cafes. Ahh… doesn’t that sound marvelous? I have the whole pretend vacation planned out in my head. These photos seem to say it best. Have a beyond wonderful summer! Enjoy!

(Photos: Dress,Design,Decor and Cannelle at Vanille)


2 Comments to “Summer is Here!”

  1. Yes Happy Summer to you. Our small town comes alive this weekend as the school year ends and the Summer folks come up to open their cottages for the season. Our town is located on Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks and the summers here are just the best. I won a bike this past weekend at a fundraiser we did here for the local animal shelter so i am sooooo excited to get out and take my morning rides. I enjoyed the read and will be back for more.

  2. That top photo would be the perfect spot to start every morning…

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