Friday French Lesson: Merci

Merci (thank you) is the store to go to in Paris, France. Located in a former fabric factory on the edge of The Marais District this 16,ooo sq. foot “general store” was founded by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. The store’s merchandise is comprised of everything and anything- an assortment of the eclectic and unexpected. From vintage furniture, household linens and used books to flowers and classic clothing. It’s a place where you can pick up tin picnic plates, a YSL classic, an African Violet, and clay-bead chandelier or disposable plates made of sugar pulp. The best part is 100% of Merci’s profits go to children’s charities in Madagascar.


3 Comments to “Friday French Lesson: Merci”

  1. Oh! I want to go there right now. It looks like the kind of place where I can spend days and not get bored. Thanks for sharing ❤

  2. Julia,

    After looking at your recent posts I really must get to France. I have it on my list for 2012! I have been there twice before and other than living in Vermont it is my next favorite place on Earth. Thanks for helping me live vicariously through your blog.


  3. …the next time I go to Paris you MUST be my guide!

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