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June 3, 2010

Bailey Doesn’t Bark

I saw the company Bailey Doesn’t Bark‘s products last February at the New York Gift Fair. I love the simplicity of their products… here are a few of my favorites.

May 20, 2010

Mood Boards…

I just love mood boards, collages and all other sorts of inspirational boards!


March 4, 2010

Collage Books

Every time I look through a magazine I cut images out. It might be food, beautiful cosmetics, flowers, fonts or anything else that catches my eye. With this collection of images I create collages. One day I began to create what I call a Collage Book, using any type of sketch pad or notebook with white paper. Throughout the book I create collages, glue in ads that I like or create ‘look’ pages. I thought I would share my little hobby and some of my favorite pages that I created in my books.-J