It’s J.Crew again!

I might as well call myself a J.Crewaholic! I love their clothes, catalogues, stores, etc. Their mix of style is so accessable! I think this set of photos is great because of the mixing of many looks; a sequined sweater and cropped pants, a dress with oxfords, a dress and sweatshirt etc. As always loving the stacked, sparkly bracelets!

(Photos: J.Crew and Dress,Design,Decor)


5 Comments to “It’s J.Crew again!”

  1. I’m definitely joining you in J.Crew-aholic-ness. I drool over each new catalog and their designs make up a substantial amount of my wardrobe. I’m so excited because I just ordered their Camden Leather Brogues (posted about here: and I’m waiting for them to come in the mail! 🙂 Come visit my blog! xo

  2. Love the striped shirt with the pile of bangles. I think the bracelets give some edge to the look. Do you happen to know if the bracelets are part of the Fenton-Fallon collaboration??

  3. I love the bangles too

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