Summer Must Haves

Summer is nearly here and that makes me happy. Here are a few items which seem summery and cool to me. It’s all about feeling happy and having fun and I think these items as well as their colors will do that! Enjoy and have a wonderful summer, whether you are staying home and relaxing or going somewhere! What are your summer must haves?

1. Keep you lips smooth with Love and Toast Vanilla Chai Lip Balm $9 2. Check your phone in style with Kate Spade Ipod Touch Case $30 3. Protect you skin with Clinique Sun Face/Body Cream $20 4. Tote your stuff in Angela Adams Recycled Sea Bags Seagull $160 5. Jazz up you shorts withMadewell Neon Lights Belt $30 6.Have fun in Madewell Romantic Ruffle Dress $88


3 Comments to “Summer Must Haves”

  1. Such cute finds, love the tote and dress!

  2. I’ll take the recycled bag and the lip balm. And throw in the dress as well!

    ox, Mon

  3. Love the colors of the iphone case. Now I just need to get an iphone!!

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