Friday French Lesson

Since I am a French student I have decided to incorporate the language and/or culture into the blog. The Friday French Lesson will be comprised of (but not limited to) French words, photos relating to France or people and places having to do with France. I hope you enjoy!


Awhile ago I came across a website called Basic French, when I recently revisited, I found out more about the person who owns it. The company is owned by Carol Neiley. She lives in Lyon (now, she used to live in the US) with her two daughters and has a country house nearby. Here  are some photos of it. The best part? You can rent it- here!

(Photos: Design Sponge)


4 Comments to “Friday French Lesson”

  1. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for writing up Basic French. We do have a lot of authentic French products that can only be found in the US in our store. We would love to offer any design dish readers 20% off on their first order at basicfrenchonline, so just write design dish in the comments section and we’ll deduct 20% from the merchandise total before charging your card.

    And yes, the house is for rent thru VRBO. Here is the link:

    The area is absolutely gorgeous and also authentic and very close to Lyon, France which is an absolutely amazing city. I would be thrilled if any of you wanted to rent it for a week and would love to meet you. Come visit Lyon—it is trop bien.

    Best wishes et a bientot,

    Carol Neiley (from Lyon)

  2. I love the “Friday French Lesson” idea! And…what a lovely place!

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