J.Crew: The Best

J.Crew is continually designing fabulous clothes and here are some great examples. They have created a bridge between sophisticated, put-together and fun, carefree looks through their effortlessly stylish clothes. They seem to know which colors will look just right with which type of top, or what kind of beading would create the best effect on a dress. J.Crew is the kind of place where you can go for your everyday tees or you wedding dress (no joke!).  Below are photos of their newest collection and some of my favorite dresses from their Wedding and Party Lookbook. Enjoy!


5 Comments to “J.Crew: The Best”

  1. I have a number of J.Crew pieces, and I love them! They make me feel so good when I have them on! Though they look made for young people, some of their separates are lovely for ANY age group!

  2. julia, great shots and georgeous clothes!

  3. That wedding collection is lovely! xx

  4. I love J. Crew. I have a J. Crew outlet about 10 minutes away from my house, and they always have an amazing selection…. I end up there very frequently.

  5. I just saw your blog from Splendid Willow, Monika is a good friend of mine. But i just had to say that i love your blog. Very clearn and photo’s are great. You have a new follower.

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