American Woman Exhibit: At the Met

I have been to see the American Woman exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show portrays the style of the American Woman over time, beginning in 1890 to present day. The show is composed of seven different archetypes; the Heiress, Gibson Girl, Bohemian, suffragist, Patriot, Flapper and Screen Siren. I highly recommend this exhibit. The Gap has sponsored this show so they have created seven tee-shirts, one for each category. I have seen each tee in person and they are even nicer then they appear here. In fact, Jaehee Park a design director at the Gap hosted a talk that I attended last Friday evening- very interesting.

(Below: The Patriot, The Screen Siren, The suffragist, The Heiress, The Gibson Girl and The Flapper)

(Photos Courtesy of Gap)

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3 Comments to “American Woman Exhibit: At the Met”

  1. Such fun! I would even wear the screen siren tee. Is it black or are there colors?

  2. Good post Julia…I love them all!!!

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