Florals are everywhere this spring and I love them. It’s great that florals can be paired with so much and still look polished. The same floral dress can look boho paired with leather, slouchy boots or an oversized bag, edgy with a jean jacket or layered jewelry and girly with a cardigan and flats. I know I always say that one piece can be worn different ways to create a new look, but I love that accessibility in anything! Most of the looks I feature are versatile because not everyone has the same style! Florals can be tiny and dainty of larger than life and digitized and in many colors too! My tips for wearing them, especially a main piece (such as a dress, shirt or skirt) is to wear something in a solid color and also use a color that is somewhere within the floral to tie it all together. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy but utilizing like colors is a nice way to subtly¬†assemble an outfit. Also, if your florals happen to be bright or big don’t try to minimize them. Make sure they are the focal piece of your outfit, everything else should be on the neutral side, letting the floral piece shine. Enjoy! Please let me know how you wear your florals! -J

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink Pretty & Pure Mega Pink Lip Balm SPF 15 $7 2. Forever 21 Floral Skirt $18 3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume 4. Kate Spade Flower Necklace 5. Anthroplogie Calico Shades $28 6. Nike Lady Dunks in Liberty Prints 7. Arden B. One Shoulder Dress $69

(Luella,Rebecca Taylor,Roberto Cavalli)


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