White is an amazing color, well the absence of color actually. Its variations are endless and it goes with any color. If you follow ‘the rules’ of fashion you know that after Easter you are allowed to wear white so I thought I would post about it. Lately I have been finding that I am drawn to things that are white and when I examined all of my favorite things I realized that most of them are white; dresses, nail polish (strictly for the toes in my case), painted wood floorboards, wicker, hydrangeas, tulips, cardigans etc. I also like the idea of all white bedding with variations of texture and dimension. Below are items in white that I like best and rooms that use it best.

1. Anthropologie White Narcissus Mirror $328 2. Ray Ban Wayfarers $139 3. Anthropologie Toe Tapping Flats $64                      4. J.crew Reese Back Zip Gladiator Sandals $118 5. Butter Nail Lacquer in Cream Tea $14 6. Vespa LX 150 in                                  Cortina Gray $4,399

(Chanel, Elie Sabb, Chloe)

Photos Via: Martha Stewart, This is Glamorous blog and West Elm.


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