Southern Home

This house is very nice. Located in Alabama it has southern charm with many unique touches. The house, which was recently featured in House Beautiful, is owned by Mark Leslie and Richard Norris. The garden is one of my favorite things about it, the kitchen is also amazing (I would be afraid to cook anything and make a mess though!)


4 Comments to “Southern Home”

  1. The kitchen and the diningroom seem to be the same room (?)interesting! However, I wonder if the cook minds it when the vapor from a boiling pot blurs the view behind in the mirror?…..I love the gardens too….a beautiful home, really.

    • I believe that that is just an island in the kitchen, there is a dining room though (not pictured here). I am not sure about the vapors from a boiling pot but it is an interesting observation! Thanks!

  2. True, but the size of the island doesn’t show in the photos. I think it’s pretty large.

  3. sure is georgeous but kitchen doesn’t look like it has much work space.

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