Beautiful Photos

I was recently looking through photo albums from a trip to Europe we took about three years ago. I decided to chose a few of my favorite photos to post. Though they don’t have that much to do with fashion or design I think the landscapes and houses are so quaint. Though the photos were taken in different countries (Ireland, France and Italy) I noticed a trend of blue doors and shutters throughout! -J

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3 Comments to “Beautiful Photos”

  1. Are these all from Ireland? if not maybe captions under each picture would be helpful.

  2. We just enjoyed the photos you chose so much! My favorite colors, blue and green. As for the blue-teal, you know how I finally decided on teal for the kitchen, another teal for our bedroom, and the lightest of teals (water) for both bathrooms. I can live with these colors everywhere and always! I got the feeling that God, too, must have had a patette of blues and greens. Your pictures are serene and most of all peaceful!

    Thank you for the pick-me-up….we are having a thunder-shower…Lucy

  3. Thanks Drew…I think I will paint our door blue…oh, it already is!!!

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