I love Paris, just the notion of Paris excites me. Macaroons and Paris go hand in hand to me. So I decided that I liked macaroons long before I ever had one. Finally a few weeks ago I found a recipe for my already beloved but yet tried macaroons. Martha Stewart’s recipe seemed to be the best one so I got out all of the ingredients and began. Though the recipe included quite a few steps I managed well and was overjoyed by their final appearance. Though my macaroons did not look exactly like the ones you see in a Parisian cafe, they were almost perfect and I was so happy they did not turn into mush. Bracing myself for the worst I tried one of my small cookies and could not believe the glorious taste. Almondy and sweet, crunchy with a soft inside and smooth filing! Now I am not praising myself for my baking, I am only relating how wonderful macaroons are and how good the recipe was!  I hope you try the recipe and enjoy it! Please tell me what you think.-J

Link to Martha Stewart Macaroon Recipe:

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2 Comments to “Macaroons:”

  1. they look so delicious, I’m glad the macaroons turned out so well for you!

  2. Macaroons are my favorite! My mouth watered just reading about your experience! When I get home I will make Martha’s recipe…..perfect for the Easter season!


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