Liberty of London

Recently while looking through a magazine I saw some lovely teacups and wondered where they were from. I found out that they are designed by Liberty of London for Target. Intrigued by the floral pattern and wanting to learn more I searched the brand and to my surprise realized that I had seen their florals all around! Liberty of London is a super cool (and old) brand that has created many fun patterns that bring a whole new meaning to floral. Recently they have partnered with Mac cosmetics (to create some creative illustrations on lipstick tubes and compacts) and with Target. Their line at Target includes teapots, cups, gardening tools, watering cans and other household items (and is available starting today, March 14th). The best part is the prices! For only a little bit of money you can brighten up and welcome spring with some new accessories for your home.

These are two Mac Cosmetics adorned with Liberty of London Designs.

Below are just a few of the many cool things that Liberty of London for Target has to offer!

Below are some of the featured prints that Liberty of London for Target will be using! Go onto Targets website and download any of these five fun prints for a wallpaper on your computer!


2 Comments to “Liberty of London”

  1. Good looking lipstick!

  2. I still have one or two old ties of my husbands in Liberty of London fabric.


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