The wonderful thought of spring has been present in my mind every since the tremendous snow storm we had a month or so back. As the snow came tumbling down and everything turned white and frozen I began to think of the all wonderful spring. Once I had finished reminiscing over beautiful, lush green grass, crystal blue skies, blooming flowers and cozy warm air punctuated by soft breezes I began to concoct a spring wardrobe for myself. I have loved sun dresses for a while, especially ones that you can dress up or down. I decided to plan my wardrobe specifically around dresses. I am simply in love with those dresses that you wear with a cardigan ( likes j.crews) and flats for daytime and throw on some pearls (or other pretty piece of jewelry, perhaps with a sparkle) and change into some sandle-like heels for the evening. Dresses are also so wonderful on hot days, they keep you cool. Shift dresses are always good because they are so basic that you can pair them with anything or cinch with a belt. Oh how versatile! Below are some examples! I hope spring comes soon!Enjoy  -J


Lands End Canvas


5 Comments to “Dresses!”

  1. You guys are to fantastic! I love reading your posts!

  2. Oh…this is so lovely!!!!!!! Makes me wanna go out and buy one!

  3. Love the lands end canvas skirt/dress outfit and the kate spade ads. love you guys.

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