Taupe Nail Polish

Taupe nail polish is beginning to become very hip. People love it because it can be earthy and neutral or glam. Taupe can be paired with any color pallete, wether its pretty pinks, beiges, teals or greens it will still look amazing. One of my favorite colors is OPI Over the Taupe. This is what Instyle magazine had to say about it: “An amazing works-on-every-skin-tone shade: It gives pale skin a beautifull milkiness- and on darker skin tones, it becomes an elegant, glossy neutral.” A brand called RGB makes a lighter, dustier color called Toast, it’s beautiful and creamy.  Chanel has just come out with a new color named Particuliere. This is apparently Chanel’s Spring 2010 runway color, and if Chanel likes it then you know it has to be nice! Please let me know if you know of any other nice taupes! -J


3 Comments to “Taupe Nail Polish”

  1. Have you noticed how perfect the application brush is on the OPI product? So far, for personal nail duty, this one is the best!

    Thanks for the new color trend. I’ll try it for Florida to match a light tan!


  2. I have found that taupe makes my hands look slightly blue. I’m not sure this is a good look.

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